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Welcome to naturalerectilepills.com

The platform naturalerectilpills.com provides you with an alternative for expensive supplements on markets. The supplements on this platform address common problems one might have with erectile dysfunction. We are the official importer of original Dragon-Herbal supplements. The ultimate goal of naturalerectilpills.com, is to provide safe and effective supplements at the competitive price. Here only highest quality supplements are provided. Our products were produced using only the best base materials and with the most professional care at the world-class supplements factories. The products are approved by WHO and are certified internationally. You are guaranteed our products are safe and best for your purpose.

If you have any questions or you need an advice, do not hesitate to contact us. Our expert team is always available to you.

Wining Formula ED - 169 / Dragon-Herbal

The Dragon-Herbal products are manufactured under strict WHO guidelines. That ensures high manufacturing standards in producing only high-quality products.

Ground Breaking Recipe for the erectile dysfunction eliminations

Active sexual relations are the foundations of satisfying, healthy and fulfilling life. Dragon-Herbal pharmacists have spent over a decade perfecting the right natural formula to improve erectile performance, eliminate erectile dysfunction and provide bigger, harder, longer lasting erections with super stamina.

Acient natural herbs from all ower the world

The result came in the form of Dragon-Herbal Pills, which increase blood flow to your penis with a powerful fusion of natural ingredients like Vitamin D, amino acid L-Arginine, Vitamin B3 known as Niacin, Folid Acid, West African Yohimbine, ancient aphrodisiac Panax Ginseng and Chinese herb Ginkgo Biloba.

Overcome awkward situation and restore active sexual relations

This effective natural supplement helps increase the size, hardness and sustainability of the erection. You will be able to satisfy your partner with bigger and harder erections and super stamina. Let’s not forget, a healthy and satisfied sexual energy, leads to longer and healthier life.

Dragon-Herbal Winning & Ingridiences

« Let’s not forget, a healthy and satisfied sexual energy, leads to longer and healthier life. »

Dragon-Herbal Vitamin D

Men who are vitamin D deficient are 32% more likely to experience erectile dysfunction than those with sufficient levels, a research showed. And that is even after adjusting for other risk factors. This is because vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) is crucial for keeping the endothelial cells healthy. Endothelial cells line blood vessels. If there aren’t enough, blood flow is inhibited and that affect everything from your heart to the erection.

Dragon-Herbal L-Arginine

L-arginine is an amino acid that is found in fish, poultry, red meat and dairy products. It helps to expand blood vessels and therefore increases blood flow. The body also uses arginine as the primary building block for nitric oxide. Its benefits are clear but arginine’s actual effect on erectile dysfunction hadn’t been scientifically proven jet. Since it is a safe for you and has minimal side effects, it’s worth a try, especially when complemented with other herbs on this list.

Dragon-Herbal B3 (Niacin)

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) improves erectile function, especially in men with high cholesterol. The vitamin increases blood flow and reduces inflammation, which is one of the underlying causes for high cholesterol and also erectile dysfunction. Vitamin B3 also helps to make sex hormones and other important chemical-signal molecules. It is most powerful when taken in conjunction with other supplements. A stack of L-arginine, propionyl-L-carnitine and niacin, that was taken for three months, improved 40% of erections in a study from Italy.

Dragon-Herbal Ginco Biloba

Ginkgo is an herb that was long used in Chinese medicine to improve blood and oxygen flow to the brain. A 2011 study found that an extract of Ginkgo biloba leaves did increase the activity of dopamine in the brains of rats. That improved their erections. The Ginkgo herb is particularly effective for those who experience erection problems due to other medications that are being taken. Ginkgo biloba is 76% effective in treating erectile dysfunction that is caused by certain antidepressants (SSRIs). It blocks serotonin activity in the erectile centre of the brain, what then leads to better synthesis and bioavailability of nitric oxide.

Dragon-Herbal Yohimbine

It derived from the bark of a West African evergreen tree. This was the go-to prescription for erectile dysfunction before other wonder drugs, such as little blue pill, came to market. It blocks certain neurotransmitters in the brain and it increases the release of nitric oxide. Yohimbine also pairs well with other erection-friendly tablets. A study showed that a combination of Yohimbine and L-arginine successfully helps men to develop erection. You should know that Yohimbine has a lot of side effects, such as elevated blood pressure and anxiety, so consult with your doctor before supplementing.

Dragon-Herbal Panax Ginseng

Ginseng was long considered an aphrodisiac by the Chinese. A recent study found that supplementing for only a few weeks already improved men’s bedroom performance. That includes helping then maintain a longer erection. Ginseng can also improve testosterone levels, which in turn boosts libido. It is a promising herbal therapy for erectile dysfunction since it helps promote relaxation of smooth muscle in the penis. It also increases dopamine levels in the brain and increases pressure in the cavernosal nerves of the penis. This helps nitric oxide synthesis.

Dragon-Herbal Folic Acid

Men with moderate to severe erectile dysfunction had significantly lower levels of folic acid than guys without the problem, a study found. The B vitamin stimulates nitric oxide, therefore an absence of it would lead to an absence of an erection.


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Erectile Dysfunction Problem&Solution

« Let’s not forget, a healthy and satisfied sexual energy, leads to longer and healthier life. »

Erectile dysfunction problem

Erectile dysfunction may catch you off guard. You cannot be sure in your erection even if you are young and full of energy. A lot of factors influence on your potency. We can categorise erectile dysfunction as a disease of the reproductive system in men, as it manifests’ in the form of the weak erection. There are two types; (1) organic erectile dysfunction accurse, when a man is not able to have erection; “(2) psychological erectile dysfunction accurse, when a man can have erection but it becomes weak during the sexual intercourse, or right before it, at the moment of the sexual arousal.

Erectile dysfunction solution

Most of the drugs for the erectile dysfunction treatment inhibit PDE5, an enzyme blocking a dilation of the blood vessels of the penis and reducing the blood circulation. Blocking this enzyme, more blood goes to the tissues of the penis, so that a man has erection easily. We recommend natural Dragon-Herbal pills to neutralize a weak erection and help to be in a good shape. Dragon Herbal Erectile Pills came in a discrete package.

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You can save up to 50-90% compared to branded supplements with the same effect. Dragon-Herbal supplements for erectile dysfunction are generic version of a little blue pill. A price per Dragon-Herbal supplement is 3,45 EUR (if you order 20 tablets package).

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Improve performance, eliminate erectile dysfunction with our powerful products.

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Important notice

Herbal-Dragon health supplements are all natural. Nevertheless, it has to be accounted for that vitamins and amino acids can interact with other medications you might be taking. So be sure to talk to your doctor before adding anything to your daily routine. Countless studies have also shown that erectile dysfunction is often linked to larger health problems, including heart disease, so consulting your doctor is very advisable before supplementing.

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