You can save up to 50-90% compared to branded supplements with the same effect. Dragon-Herbal supplements for erectile dysfunction are generic version of a little blue pill. A price per Dragon-Herbal supplement is 3,45 EUR (if you order 20 tablets package).

Dragon-Herbal Safety, Privacy and Compliance

Legal Entity Herbal Power Ltd.

We are legally constituted and established under EU – Slovenian law, under id number 8374325000, and are fully compliant within the regulations and statues in jurisdiction in which we operate.

Extreme Privacy

Our staff is appropriately trained and fully licensed in good standing, obliged by the Company NDA to fully protect the privacy of our buyers.

Extreme Online Security is secure website. We use AI security algorithms to monitor, defend and protect websites against brut attacks. The site is protected with Secure Sockets Layer (i.e. SSL) encryption protocol, which provides safe online communication and reflects a strong brand responsibility reference.

Product Certification

The Dragon-Herbal products are manufactured under strict WHO guidelines. That ensures high manufacturing standards in producing only high-quality products. WHO-GMP product certificate number: 1718WGO3080169